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Kaleidoscope -Leaders' Views

GEM Indonesia – The Leading Organizer Specialized in B2B Trade Exhibition

Ms. Metta Sari
Project Manager
PT Global Expo Management (GEM INDONESIA)
Start of Business : 2008
Business website : www.gem-indonesia.net
Main Product Lines : Event Organizer
‘Star’ Product /State-of-the Art Design/Front-running Product : B2B Trade Exhibitions
City & Country of factory and Head Office : Jakarta,Indonesia
Names of locations of branch offices : No branches
Main countries of business operations : Indonesia, ASEAN
Major market segments for products : Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Lighting, Electronics and Automotive
Turnover growth % in last year compared to previous year : 15%

PT. Global Expo Management (GEM Indonesia) is a professional and leading organizer for international specialized trade exhibtions based in Indonesia. Since its establishments in 2008, GEM Indonesia has earned its reputation as success organizer to hold world-class trade exhibition in automotive, maritime, coating, port, electroniocs, ICT, palm, and commercial vehicle sector in Indonesia. With high motivation and hard work, GEM Indonesia has achieved great success in organizing several largest exhibition in Southeast Asia such as INAPA (The ASEAN’s largest auto parts, accessories, and equipment exhibition), IIBT (The ASEAN’s largest bus, truck, and component exhibition), INTRONICS (Indonesia’s major Electronics show), INALIGHT for lighting section, Solartech for solar power industry, INAMARINE for marine and shipbuilding sectors, and INAGRITECH for agriculture sector.


What were thoughts and philosophies for starting your business?

• GEM Indonesia was established to introduce Indonesia globally and vice versa.

• GEM Indonesia previously was an exhibition agent, yet later in 2009 became an event organizer specialized in B2B trade exhibition in Indonesia and it focuses on automotive, energy, agriculture, and maritime sectors.


To what extent you feel having fulfilled your objectives today?

80% of chance to expand the business in Indonesia is still widely open especially in energy sector.


What according to you are your positive points towards growth and sustenance of your business?

We are able to support Indonesia through our business sectors in exhibition and to boost Indonesia economy. GEM Indonesia started the company as the agent who organized a small group of companies which would participate as the exhibitors, not the one who hold the exhibition yet. Because of the persistance, hard working, and teamwork, GEM Indonesia transforms as the event organizer for B2B trade exhibition. The exhibition grows bigger and stronger because GEM Indonesia prioritizes the clients’ trust and always improve as well as strive for the excellence.


What are your considerations/ideas when you develop and introduce any new product/Service or concept?

The market is in the state of need the products/services either currently or in the future


What are your growth/expansion plans for next 5 years?

The expansion plan for next five years is to develop sections such as transportation, healthcare, energy, and IT.


Can you give brief account of major projects/assignments executed in the recent past

- Electronics-INATRONICS 2017 (http://www.inatronics-exhibition.net/)
- Spare part – INAPA 2017 (https://www.inapa-exhibition.net/)
- Railway – Railwaytech Indonesia 2017 (https://www.railwaytech-indonesia.com/
- Solar energy – Solartech Indonesia 2017 https://www.solartech-exhibition.net/)
- Lighting – INALIGHT 2017 (https://www.inalight-exhibition.net/)
- Agriculture – INAGRITECH 2017 (https://www.inagritech-exhibition.net)
- Maritime – INAMARINE 2017 (https://www.inamarine-exhibition.net)


What are your major forthcoming projects that you may like to describe

Agriculture digital technology


How do you foresee growth of your industry in next 5 years (a) in the country, and (b) internationally

a. During 5 years ahead Indonesia economy will be growing rapidly because of its infrastructure development and it can raise up to 2 digits value for exhibition sectors.

b. It will only grow less than 8% increasement because the major growth still belongs to Asia.


What kind of bottlenecks you anticipate in your growth plans for next 5 years, and how you plan to counter them?

- Disaster

- Terrorism

- The industry growth in the US and Europe will affect global economy.


In present business practices, do you experience problems, like:-

a) Unusual credits expectations by customers, Yes

b) Payment delays, non-payments, bad debts, Yes

c) Statutory & regulatory exploitation, Yes

d) Harassment from some specific sectors, Yes

e) Effects of Government policies (lack of policies/inadequate policies/negative policies)-Yes

f) Effects of International happenings Yes

g) Effects of changed climatic conditions Yes


National/local competition is mostly from business units that come up by copying a leading brand with less features, less quality and less price. Do you have experience of it?

Yes, Very often. The competitor copy the business units yet not prioritize the quality because it prioritize government and association


How you see the onslaught of international competition in your business segments?

It quite affects yet it is also able to improve the quality of the show


What are your suggestions and plans for countering such competition – both national and international?

Making cooporation and collaboration with overseas event organizer and association either local and global.