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Kaleidoscope -Leaders' Views

Bringing New possibilities of Automated Dispensing technologies

Mr. Pradeep Bhalwankar
Managing Director
Twin Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Start of Business : 1993
Business website : www.twinengineers.com
Main Product Lines : Dispensing Automation Equipments: (a) Meter Mix Dispensing Systems for Potting & Encapsulation, Filter Bonding, Transformer Potting, PU Elastomer Castings, (b) Fluid Filling Machines for Automotive Applications, (c) Robotic Systems for Sealant Dispensing
‘Star’ Product /State-of-the Art Design/Front-running Product : Meter Mix Dispensing
City & Country of factory and Head Office : Pune,India
Main countries of business operations : India, Thailand, Latin American countries, Africa, Turkey, Iran, Sri Lanka
Major market segments for products : Automobile, Auto-electronics, Electronics Manufacturing, Electrical, Packaging, Renewable Energy
Turnover growth % in last year compared to previous year : 15%

Twin Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has been in the field of Dispensing Systems since 1993 and has made its mark in the sector.
Twin's product range includes more than forty variants across five broad categories. All the products have an in-built flexibility ensuring easy scale-up to meet your future expansion.
Twin's meter mix, robotic sealant dispensing and fluid filling technology has proved its mettle in numerous applications that use single, dual or multiple components of performance polymers & industrial fluids.
Twin has a specialized, dedicated team that visits your site to do a thorough study of existing products, dispensing processes and systems and readies a full-proof transition path to help you achieve final results.


What were thoughts and philosophies for starting your business?

Starting the business was with an intention to aid enhancement in productivity of our customers by offering automation solutions in a highly niche area of adhesive and sealant application. We spotted an opportunity and built on it.


To what extent you feel having fulfilled your objectives today?

We have certainly attained the objective set then, and are exploring avenues for expansion in other market segments


What according to you are your positive points towards growth and sustenance of your business?

We continuously learn, improve, keep abreast with the technology, stay agile to the market requirements & innovate


What are your considerations/ideas when you develop and introduce any new product or concept?

We study the market, best try to offer solution for the requirement by offering a machine amongst the product range we have along with enhanced features which would best suit the customer requirement. Of course, customer is the focus of everything we do.


Do you have any of the below stakeholders associated with you for a longer period? (Please mention their approx. Number)

Customers: with you
(a) for more than 10 years: Yes,
(b) for more than 25 years: Yes
Suppliers: with you
(a) for more than 10 years: Yes,
(b) for more than 25 years: Yes
Employees: with you
(a) for more than 10 years: Yes,
(b) for more than 25 years: Yes


Do you have any Green Channel Supplier (how many?)

Nearly 50% of our raw material suppliers are having green channel status. All their material is taken directly for production, without receipts inspection.


Are you a Green Channel Supplier to any customers: (to how many?)

No. This is because each of our machine is dispatched after inspection and trials by the customer. Besides, there are very few times, there is a repeat customer. Nearly each time, a new customer orders. In case, where a customer makes a repeat order, pre-despatch inspection is usually skipped.


What are your growth/expansion plans for next 5 years?

We see ourselves growing by increase in turn over thru expansion by exports, and growing in more market segments


How do you foresee growth of your industry in next 5 years (a) in the country, and (b) internationally?

There is a great potential in renewable energy both in India as well as internationally, this could form a larger contributor towards the company growth


What kind of bottlenecks you anticipate in your growth plans for next 5 years, and how you plan to counter them?

Twin Engineers being an Indian family owned organization, establishing a brand seems to be a bottleneck.

We also see the talent acquisition as a bottleneck in front of us


As a progressive and prominent businessman, would you have any suggestions for removing these hurdles?

For establishing a brand we see ourselves complying with all the quality standards set by the multi nationals we are working with, we have been recipients of supplier awards from organizations like Ford and Toyota.

In case of talent acquisition, we find it suitable to hire talent with lesser experience and develop them by imparting training, providing opportunities for growth, challenge the employees with new work assignments


National/local competition is mostly from business units that come up by copying a leading brand with less features, less quality and less price. Do you have experience of it?

We do have international competition and yes we encounter failures.


How you see the onslaught of international competition in your business segments?

We do see a brand image affecting us by way of eating sizeable share of potential market.


What are your suggestions and plans for countering such competition – both national and international?

With the kind of competition we are facing, we have developed ourselves with a great customer focus, we are available to serve our customers around the clock with a technically strong service team and prompt resolution of customer concerns if any, our machines are customized as per the requirement stated by the customer. Of course our key strength is innovating with products by being agile to the market requirement

However it is not just the MNCs that we cater to but also local customers and that gives us an opportunity to understand their issues and offer solutions which would resolve them.


Do you have any activities in practice for improving performance, loyalty and retention of your employees? You may like to mention those here along with your experience.

Our focus is always on the stakeholders we have. We communicate the market requirements to our employees and develop their talent in view of the role they play and the technical know how required for delivering the expectations. Our employee development focus is not just techno-centric but also around developing the soft skills, their welfare, addressing their concerns and resolving those.

With this approach there is a sense of belonging employees have towards the organization.


Can you list your activities, if any, towards the welfare and well-being of your stakeholders including employees, investors and customers?)

We focus on overall development of employees by training them and addressing their concerns. For our investors and customers, we have been serving them with a value add, to cite an example, as our machines cater to a highly specialized requirement, we offer solution catering to their productivity and initiate a training for usage of our machines for the customer employees, because of which the customer is able to gain best results out of the machine we have supplied them.


Would you like to mention about your CSR activities towards society?

We have been developing young and budding entrepreneurs thru coaching and mentoring with help of an institution BYST and we give donations to educational institutes.


Do you take up any specific actions and undertake activities for environment protection?

Our very innovation of solvent less dispensing has been a contribution towards environment protection. The usage of any chemical solvent has been avoided in the process.

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