6 Tech Industries Impacted by the COVID-19 Crisis
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6 Tech Industries Impacted by the COVID-19 Crisis


Several months into the COVID-19 crisis, experts and analysts are beginning to clearly see how the crisis is impacting the economy. They’re also becoming more aware of the pandemic’s long-term impacts.

The pandemic is majorly impacting the economy as sudden shifts and demands have thrust certain industries into the spotlight. Consumption habits have changed rapidly, while supply chains have experienced numerous disruptions.

Here are six tech industries that have suffered the COVID-19 economic impact, plus how they’re likely to fare once the crisis has passed:

1. IT and Cybersecurity
2. IT Hardware Manufacturers
3. Circuit Board Manufacturers
4. Semiconductor Manufacturers
5. Telecommunications
6. Telehealth/Telemedicine

The data is compiled from : www.etftrends.com

For More Details, Please Read: https://www.etftrends.com/disruptive-technology-channel/6-tech-industries-impacted-by-the-covid-19-crisis/