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                                       International Associations

Association of Electronics Industries of Singapore AEIS www.aeis-org.sg
Australian Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers' Association AI Group www.aigroup.asn.au
Austrian Electrical & Electronics Industries Association FEEI www.feei.at
Brazilian Electrical & Electronics Industry Association ABINEE www.abinee.org.br
China Electronic Chamber of Commerce CECC www.cecc.org.cn
China Electronic Components Association CECA www.chinaceca.com
Electrical & Electronics Institute, Thailand www.thaieei.com
Electro-Federatioin, Canada www.electrofed.com
Electronics Industries Alliance, USA EIA www.eia.org
Electronics Industries Association of The Philippines Inc. EIAPI www.eiapi.org.ph
German Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers Association ZVEI www.zvei.org
Hong Kong Electronics Industry Association HKEIA www.hkeia.org
Italian Federatioin of Electro-technical and Electronics Industries ANIE www.anie.it
Japan Electronics & Information Technology Industries Association JEITA www.jeita.or.jp
Korea Semiconductor Industries Association KSIA www.ksia.or.kr
Korean Electronics Association KEA www.gokea.org
Taiwan Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers Association TEEMA www.teema.org.tw