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Title: Types of bluetooth speakers
"Bluetooth speaker" is a very broad general term for this type of wireless speaker. Now there are various forms and usage scenarios of Bluetooth speakers.
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"Bluetooth speaker" is a very broad general term for this type of wireless speaker. Now there are various forms and usage scenarios of Bluetooth speakers.

Active speakers with bluetooth function can be called bluetooth speakers, mini speakers with bluetooth function can also be called bluetooth speakers, even traditional desktop speakers and desk speakers have bluetooth, they can also be called bluetooth speakers.

So, what types of Bluetooth speakers are there, what kind of environments are they suitable for, and what is their sound quality? Next, we will briefly classify the Bluetooth speakers on the market, and teach you to understand them today!

Mini/Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The mini/portable bluetooth speaker should be the smallest bluetooth speaker at present. By design they generally consist of a speaker plus a bass radiator.

Because of the simple process, it has attracted a large number of manufacturers to produce, and the price is cheap, it is a very approachable Bluetooth speaker.

Most of these Bluetooth speakers have built-in rechargeable batteries, and the music playback time can reach about 4 hours.

With the portable design (usually a sling or hook), it is very suitable for users to carry around, and can easily enjoy music in an outdoor environment.

Many mini/portable Bluetooth speakers also have a simple dustproof ability.

Although limited by the size, this type of Bluetooth speaker may not have a major breakthrough in sound quality, but the portability and price have restored the disadvantage, which can be said to be a good complement to the built-in speaker of the mobile phone.

Moreover, there are now products that support pairing of two mini/portable Bluetooth speakers at the same time to form a stereo (better sound quality).

In conclusion

Product features: small, portable, built-in battery, some products have three-proof performance

Sound quality performance: better than mobile phone speakers, but may be worse than two or three hundred computer speakers

Desktop/Desktop Bluetooth Speaker

Desktop/desktop bluetooth speakers There are many product choices in bluetooth speakers, which combine portability and sound quality, bringing products with good practicability and ease of use.

Since the volume is increased relative to the mini/portable Bluetooth speaker, it is more flexible in the design of the unit. This type of Bluetooth speaker generally uses a combination of dual speakers or dual speakers and a single diaphragm, and there are also designs such as dual speakers + inverted holes.

Most of these Bluetooth speakers also have built-in batteries. Although they are used at home, they also have the characteristics of being convenient to move and carry.

It can be easily placed in the environment where you need to listen, such as the study, bedroom, kitchen, and you can bring it wherever you want to have music.

Some manufacturers have also designed this type of Bluetooth speaker as a product that can be used outdoors. It has good dust-proof, drip-proof and even drop-proof capabilities, which is very suitable for camping or travel.

In addition, desktop/desktop Bluetooth speakers can also be used as wireless speakers for laptops and tablet computers to improve the sound quality of laptops built-in speakers.

In conclusion

Applicable environment: due to its mobility, it is suitable for various rooms in the home or outdoor camping

Sound quality performance: greatly improved compared to mini/portable bluetooth speakers

Diverse products: Many well-known brands have launched such Bluetooth speakers, and the choice is very rich

smart bluetooth speaker

When asked if a smart speaker counts as a Bluetooth speaker, our answer is yes. At present, most smart speakers still use Bluetooth pairing to connect to local playback devices (mobile phones, tablet computers, etc.). Therefore, they are still essentially bluetooth speakers, but with some new features. In addition to being able to connect to local devices via Bluetooth to play music, smart speakers also support things like voice assistants, streaming-based music and radio services, and smart home control.

In terms of design, the current smart speakers are similar to the aforementioned "mini/portable bluetooth speakers" and "desktop/desktop bluetooth speakers", but there are more microphones for interaction, and most products need to be powered by a matching power adapter , no built-in battery.

In conclusion

Improved playability: The addition of voice assistants improves the playability and fun of the speaker

Increased practicability: With certain smart home control capabilities, it is more practical

Sound quality performance: sound quality is not the core selling point, basically equivalent to mini/portable bluetooth speakers and desktop/desktop bluetooth speakers

Soundbar bluetooth speaker

Although the thickness of the TV is getting thinner and thinner, the sound of the TV is also becoming thinner and thinner, which is obviously not what we want to see, so the Soundbar appeared, which is the product of improving the sound quality of flat-screen TVs.

In addition to the traditional optical fiber, coaxial, HDMI, AUX and other wired audio and video access, many new Soundbars on the market have also added the Bluetooth connection function. The Soundbar can be used as a listening device alone, so we also temporarily classify the Soundbar that supports Bluetooth connection into the category of "Bluetooth speakers".

Whether it is from the unit design or the overall structure, the Soundbar is inherently better than the previous Bluetooth speakers, but it is also more fixed in terms of usage scenarios. In most cases, it is used with a TV in the living room.

In conclusion

Scope of application: In addition to listening to music, it is also suitable for movies and games, with high versatility

Sound quality performance: The sound quality is better than TV speakers, and some products can also form a home theater system, but there is a gap between the sound quality and traditional home theater

Applicable environment: the place of use is relatively fixed, mostly the living room

Design bluetooth speaker

This type of bluetooth speaker should be the most unique! The reason why it is so unique that we place an order may not be how good its sound quality is (of course, its sound quality may be really good.), but more because of its design, it may be forced, or it may be feelings.

I think this type of Bluetooth speakers should not be distinguished by category or function. They are independent existences, and they are dazzling Bluetooth speaker products.

In conclusion

Sound quality: Sound quality may not be the first requirement for this type of product

Price: Don't just use price to measure the value of a product

Value: you like it and appreciate it, this is the most important thing

2.0 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker

2.0 Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers are derived from ordinary 2.0 Hi-Fi speakers, and there is no obvious difference between these two types of products just by looking at the appearance. The 2.0 Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker only adds the access method of Bluetooth wireless audio on the basis of the original 2.0 Hi-Fi speaker, and also retains the traditional wired connection method.

For speaker manufacturers, the cost of adding Bluetooth function to speakers is not high, and they still put more designs on traditional processes such as cabinets and units. Therefore, these products often go the route of high sound quality and high price.

Generally speaking, 2.0 is the most suitable choice for listening to music, and the same is true for Bluetooth speakers. Therefore, if you want to get the best wireless listening effect and a more Hi-Fi experience, the 2.0 Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker is a good choice.

Product features: The function of wireless bluetooth audio is added to the traditional way of use, and the wired input is generally reserved.

Suitable for the crowd: suitable for users who like to listen to music and engage in Hi-Fi

Price range: The price range is large, and you should choose a reasonable price according to your budget and needs.


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