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Title: Installation skills of mobile generator sets
Installation skills of mobile generator sets
Company/Industry Name: Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co., Ltd.
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Mobile generator set, also known as trailer generator set, can be moved freely and is suitable for large and unfixed workplaces, such as construction sites, large-scale breeding sites, field mining, media outdoor interviews, etc., and can be used as the main power source It can also be used as a backup power supply. Its cover is made of high-quality galvanized sheet, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and good sealing. The windows and doors on all sides are supported by automatic hydraulic pressure, which is easy to open. The chassis wheels can be customized according to user needs.

The Trailer Generator is mainly installed on a movable platform such as a car, a trailer or a trailer. The installation and layout requirements are as follows.

1. The platform should be located in a solid, flat and dry place. Under normal circumstances, the platform and the ground do not need to take fixing measures, but the chassis of the unit should be stable.

2. Comprehensively check the connection firmness and correctness of each connection part, especially the foot bolts, couplings, the wiring of the generator and the excitation system, etc.

3. Buried the grounding device of the equipment according to the regulations, and connect the grounding wire firmly. When the diesel generator set is working in the open air, necessary measures such as rain, moisture, snow, sun and sand prevention should be taken to avoid electric shock accidents and maintain the normal working performance of the unit.

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